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  • What are intuitive tarot readings?
    Intuitive tarot readings use a blend of interpreting the standard 78 card deck meanings along with metaphysical thoughts or feelings delivered from Spirit. This can range from reader to reader. Abby uses intuitive thoughts, visual symbolism with minor clairaudient abilities to fuel the intuitive portion of her readings.
  • Are there restrictions on tarot readings?
    Yes. Abby will not predict or expand upon medical-related issues. Pregnancies are case-by-case situation. For example, Abby will not answer the question "Am I pregnant right now?" Please seek professional medical opinion on those topics. Abby also wishes for her clients to be 16 years old or older to perform readings. By purchasing a reading, you are confirming you are of age or have parental permission to do so.
  • What are Tarot Points and how do I redeem them?
    Tarot Points are for the benefit of repeat clients with Abby! This program consists of earning 4 points per $1 spent in every order. Once you reach a total of at least 500 points, you can redeem $5 off whenever you choose as these points do not expire. In order to access and review your points, you must become a site member. If you already have some points with previous orders, you must sign up to be a site member with the email you have associated with said orders. To become a site member, hit the tabs button to see the full menu if on mobile view and there should be a "Log In" option in the top right corner. If on desktop view, there should be a "Log In" option already present on the navigation bar. After signing up, click the bottom left sage green star button to review your total points. Once you have the minimum of 500 points, you should be able to generate a code only for you to redeem the $5 off to use at checkout. If you have any questions or issues with signing up, viewing or redeeming your points please contact Abby for support.
  • Can I get a refund for a reading?
    Yes, you can receive a refund and cancel for an email or voice recording reading if you ask prior to 48 hours before your delivery update. (For example, if you receive an email update expecting to receive the reading on a Friday - you must email and request a cancellation by Wednesday.) Zoom sessions are allowed the same 48 hours for a cancellation and refund. Failure for client to show up to a zoom session may not receive a refund, however you can reschedule for the next available day and time you can make it. Failure to make it to the second session results in no refund and no rescheduling altogether.
  • I purchased a reading and want an update on timing, what should I do?"
    Anyone who has purchased an email or zoom reading that wishes to contact Abby regarding timing or simply have questions may email her at - please give 24 hours for a response. Please do not DM on Instagram or Tiktok as she cannot see all the messages in her waiting inbox. Please keep in mind that most readings have a 3-10 day turn around.
  • What is Patreon?
    Patreon is an external site for exclusive members who pay a monthly tier fee to receive access to content provided by Abby. These are monthly payments in which you can decide to opt out of and/or cancel at any time.
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