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“Abby has helped me confront the problems I was dealing with and I was able to let go of certain situations, which improved my mental health greatly. She was incredibly sweet as well and I felt very comforted by her words. I cannot thank her enough."


"Left me speechless & she’s very accurate as well she gave me the clarity I needed"


“Abby’s readings are always SO accurate and SO in depth. I’ve been following Abby for sometime now, and she’s always been so welcoming and kind and she puts in the time and effort to give me personal and in depth readings. Her prices are also so fair and affordable. She is the best tarot reader out there!


“I have received two readings from Abby so far, and the fact that I got a second one says everything! More than being gifted, she is simply kind and empowering in her readings. I find myself coming away from her readings with a heightened sense of clarity and confidence in the situations I go to her about. She is truly a good person with a wonderful talent and kindness worth seeing for yourself!"


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