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Career Forecast
  • Career Forecast

    Want clarity and advice on a career situation?


    This reading provides an in-depth review of what is going on in your professional life. Perfect for those who are looking to know what is coming next on their career path.


    Question Example:

    "I recently got fired from my job and I feel as if I have no direction. What can I do or expect moving forward?"

    "I have been at my job position for 6 years. Do you see a promotion or raise coming?"


    Expected delivery will be within 2-14 business days of purchasing (time gap takes account for Abby's changing workload, excluding vintage letter format)


    When purchasing you MUST supply a valid email for the reading to be sent to upon completion. Failure to supply a valid email address could result in a longer processing time.


    *NOTE: Please purchase the express reading option if you are expecting a 24 hour turn around!*


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